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Upcoming Courses

17Aug4 weeks
Invest for Success - Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

In our signature training program, you’ll learn how to invest wisely in healthy companies for passive income and capital growth and much more!

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26Oct4 weeks
Invest for Success - Sydney, Australia

In our signature training program, you’ll learn how to invest wisely in healthy companies for passive income and capital growth … and much more!

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    What Our Graduates Think

    I had a very good experience with Wealthwise 'Invest for Success' share trading course. I highly recommend it if you're thinking about getting into the share market and doing it properly.  The course represents very good value for money, especially for the level of skill and education you receive from experienced investors who have been in the market for so long.  I found Kate and Dave to be excellent trainers and mentors. They put the effort in on a personal level, they took the time and patience to train me and ensure I understood the strategies they taught and how to apply them correctly.  I was hesitant to do the course at first because I didn't know what to expect but now I'm glad I did it!

    Chris P – excellent trainers – glad I did the course

    I've attended many programs with Wealthwise Education over the years and can attest to the integrity of the company and it's co-founders David Novac and Kate Sheehan. No hype, just loads of support and relevant information on various trading methodologies, technical and fundamental analysis, risk management and personal psychology. With all the 'noise' in the stock market training space today, I listen to and trust Wealthwise Education as my first choice. The education, support and community they have provided has been invaluable to my confidence in my trading know-how and personal growth. Thank you David and Kate.

    Susan R – Invaluable Education, Support & Community

    'Super Traders' week long workshop is an excellent way to increase confidence and experience in taking trades and repairing them to minimise risk in the event your view of the market changes. All this in a supported and supportive environment with like minded people.

    Bridget McG – Business Owner – on increasing confidence in option trading

    'Advanced Options Trading' is an awesome Wealthwise course. Thanks David & Kate for your generosity and patience in teaching me a formidable tool set for trading options.

    Tim W – Lawyer – on a formidable tool for options trading

    I knew very little about the stock market before attending the 'Invest for Success' course. I found the course excellent for improving my skills and knowledge. It was straight forward and easy to understand. I now have a new view of the stock market and increased confidence to invest in shares.

    Teagan R – on improving skills & knowledge

    Attending 'Advanced Option Trading' was a great opportunity to learn from option experts. Experts in the field but also great teachers. These two skill sets don't always go together. A unique opportunity - unmissable!

    Sue M, Retired Investor on learning from option experts

    I got outside my chaotic, noisy head into an organised, systematic and easy to follow Wealthwise methodology. Great for busy people like me. 'Invest for Success' is fantastic to build knowledge & confidence. It has saved me years of working out a lot of things ... a light bulb moment!

    Shiree G., Medical Sonographer on Wealthwise methodology

    David is a great teacher who is very generous with his knowledge. He is always happy to help with questions. Enjoy catching up each time and will be back again!

    A. Brabin, Analyst

    Invest for Success’ is the first step towards understanding a company’s financial position in relation to its share price. The skills learnt in the course will allow you to find good value in the market place. Excellent! Understanding the fundamentals of a stock also helps me to better trade the charts.

    Will B., Agronomist

    Excellent day spent with an expert who can demonstrate how to find value. With this knowledge it is now up to me to do the research, but now with a better understanding on finding value. Today reminded me why this is important knowledge – I want my life back and to be in control!

    David O, Company Director

    Why Wealthwise Education?

    • We do not feed on hype and your emotions and promote ‘Quick Rich’ strategies
    • Our courses are reasonably priced
    • Our class sizes are small
    • We offer graduates on-going support beyond the courses
    • Wealthwise courses are based on the lessons learned by David Novac over his 30 years in the markets
    • Personalised attention and high care factor
    • 20 years teaching stock market education
    • Direct contact with co-founders
    • We teach both shares and options
    • We teach both technical and fundamentals

    Fast Track Your Stock Market IQ With Our Team

    David Novac
    Wealthwise Co-founder,
    Speaker, Stock & Options
    Specialist, Educator

    smsf training courses
    share trading courses sydney

    Kate Sheehan
    Wealthwise Co-founder,
    Educator, Course Developer,
    Graduate Support

    Accelerate your stock market education by attending one of our highly regarded, interactive and practical stock market courses. These workshops are based on 30+ years experience in the markets. Whether you want to learn how to invest or trade, we offer a series of courses to take you to a higher level of knowledge, skill and profitability.  Start by building a solid foundation with our ‘Invest for Success’ Course and progress to options trading if you choose.  Our methodology can be used in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and other major exchanges.

    Our Curriculum

    financial literacy and investing

    Financial Wisdom

    stock market courses

    Invest for Success

    smsf training courses

    Options for Success

    share trading courses sydney

    Advanced Options Trading

    stock market courses

    Super Traders

    Welcome to Wealthwise Education

    Why Trading?

    At Wealthwise Education, we believe in empowering individuals through education in stock market trading classes. Our approach isn’t about quick-rich schemes; it’s rooted in real-world knowledge, offering stock trading lessons that help you invest and trade wisely.

    Why Study With Us? How we will help you invest better

    Choosing Wealthwise Education means embarking on an educational journey through the complex world of finance. Our reasonably priced stock market classes provide rich, relevant content in small, interactive settings. We aim to equip you with the skills and knowledge essential for successful stock and share trading.

    Secure A Brighter Financial Future

    Our stock trading classes offer pathways to financial wisdom, allowing individuals to take control of their financial future and build wealth. Graduates have transformed their financial positions, gaining insights and strategies for a more secure future.

    Our Courses

    How To Get Started

    We offer a comprehensive start-to-finish solution for anyone interested in stock market trading classes. From share trading classes to ongoing support, coaching, and advisory services, Wealthwise Education ensures a seamless transition into stock trading and share market classes.


    Our graduates have significantly improved their financial positions and investment performance after taking our stock market classes. For instance, John Black experienced a 151% return on capital in 56 days using strategies learned at Wealthwise Education.


    Who should attend our courses?

    Our stock market classes cater to a wide range of individuals, from beginners to experienced investors, all seeking to take control of their financial futures.

    What is the format of the courses?

    Courses involve in-person workshops, online training sessions, and practical exercises in a step-by-step, easy-to-understand format.

    What ongoing support do you offer to graduates?

    We provide ongoing support through workshop manuals, a graduate community forum, private coaching sessions, and opportunities to refresh the learning through follow-up workshops.

    Register Now

    Experience learning materials curated for beginners, long-term value investors, and technical traders. These lessons simplify the share market, removing complexity and jargon, backed by over 30 years of expertise in the stock market.

    Wealthwise Education is dedicated to providing the necessary tools, knowledge, and support for a richer financial future. Join us on your journey toward financial independence and investment success through our stock trading classes and share trading classes.

    Contact Us today or Call us now for a quick chat +61 2 9488 9900