30 Day Focus Challenge

  • November 6, 2019
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What you focus on grows. Will they be blossoms or weeds?

30 Day Focus Challenge

What one simple action could change your life?

At Wealthwise Education we know …

Take on this 30 day focus challenge:
Choose something you want to grow, then focus on it.

Here are some life areas to choose from:
financial, social, relationships, physical, spiritual, career or  personal development.

Remember, if its ‘finances’ you want to focus on, Wealthwise can help you on your way. Otherwise, there are plenty of ideas below to get you started or just create your own. Focusing on one area often has a knock-on effect and will also improve other parts of your life.

What are you going to feed?
What are you going to weed?

Select an topic from below or make up one of your own:

1. Financial – independence & freedom
Feed Weed
Skill development ‘I’m too busy’
A budget Impulse spending
Savings Debt
Investing Idle money
Generosity Stinginess
2. Social – connection & fun
Feed Weed
Loyalty  Undermining
Helpfulness Selfishness
Connecting Loneliness
Enjoyment Gossip & Drama
3. Mindset – self-development, creativity
Feed Weed
Positive thoughts Negative thoughts
Adventures The rut
Action Fear
Gratitude Complaints
Personal development Stagnation
4. Physical – well-being, quality of life
Feed Weed
Activity Idleness
Good food Junk food
Meditation Chaos
Self-care Over-commitment
5. Spiritual – meaning, growth, a better world
Feed Weed
Reflection Ego
Kindness Cruelty
Awareness Unfamiliarity
Love Apathy
6. Career – security, achieve, provide
Feed Weed
Collaboration Isolation
Accountability Blame
Outcomes Red-tape
Time management Wasted energy
7. Personal Development – joy, self-fulfilment
Feed Weed
New ideas Ordinary
Small steps Overwhelm
Simplicity Complexity
Inspiration Mundane

During the next 30 days, take daily steps towards your FOCUS.

Download our free Daily Progress Tracker to get a great sense of achievement, as you move closer to your goals.

Finance example:

  • Booked into an investing course
  • Donated to charity
  • Saved money on ‘x’.
  • Read a finance blog
  • Practice analysing stock charts

At the end of the month you can focus on the same area again or choose a different focus.  It’s up to you!

Get started today.  We’d love to hear how you go.

Remember, to get what you want, change your FOCUS.


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