Upcoming Stock Market Courses for Building Wealth

  • June 8, 2024
  • Kate Sheehan

Upcoming Stock Market Courses

Courses to improve your investing & trading skills for building wealth:

Saving money alone is not a successful strategy for building wealth.

Saving + wise investing = Building Wealth.

Successful investing is not a random process or guess work. There is an enormous amount of information out there, which can be overwhelming and confusing; until you know how to put it all together. Seize the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skills at one of our upcoming stock market courses. Our years of experience means we can help you to quickly develop the necessary skills.

Don’t be a punter – upskill at one of our upcoming courses with Wealthwise Co-founders, David Novac & Kate Sheehan:

‘Invest for Success’ (IFS) – 4 Week Program, Blended Learning (In-Person & Individual Remote Sessions)
‘Options for Success’ (OFS) – 2 Day Course, In-Person

If you are interested in a course that is already fully booked or if the dates advertised are not suitable for you, please Contact Us. If you have a preference for any particular dates, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

More details on our stock market courses below:

‘Invest for Success’ (IFS) – 4 Week Blended Learning Program

Invest for Success, our signature stock market course, examines how to invest wisely in healthy companies so you can generate passive income and capital growth.  You’ll learn how to protect your investment from the usual novice traps. It provides the necessary knowledge and skills to build wealth in the stock market.

This 4 Week Program begins with a comprehensive in-person 2 Day weekend training workshop followed by 4 x 1 hour weekly individual remote training sessions for 4 consecutive weeks.

“I prefer face-to-face learning and I found the way Wealthwise structure their training really works for me.  I absorbed the lessons well in the workshop and found the follow-up remote sessions easy too.” – Yvonne, IFS Graduate

“The four individual remote sessions, immediately following the face-to-face weekend workshop, are priceless. They removed any stumbling blocks, kept me moving forward and made sure I could apply the Wealthwise method in a safe and risk-free way.” – Harrison, IFS Graduate

The ‘Wealthwise Sweet Spot’ is where market timing, company health and risk mastery meet. Come learn:

  • the difference between a good and bad investment in the stock market;
  • when to buy; when to take profits; when to sell;
  • how to manage your risk;
  • what’s happening in the global markets and how it will affect your financial future.
  • and much, much more
‘Options for Success’ (OFS) Course

Teaches Leverage, Protection & Income – how to use exchange traded options to protect the value of your shares, create income in addition to dividends and profit using leverage when markets are going up OR down. The course is highly interactive, practical and hands-on.

‘Advanced Option Trading’ (AOT) Course

Teaches how to use sophisticated options trading strategies and gives you a great chance to take your options trading skills to a much higher level. Advanced Option Trading will give you a tool box full of tried and tested option strategies for all market conditions and, most importantly, the knowledge of when and how to use them. The course is a highly interactive, practical and hands-on four-day workshop, designed to improve your global option trading potential, regardless of market direction. It’s all about: High profits, Less Risk, Repair Trades & Market Flexibility

‘Super Traders’ (ST) Conference

Graduates of ‘Advanced Options Trading’ Course learn how to apply the sophisticated option trading strategies in the market. Learn how to look for opportunities, assess opportunities, apply strategies, repair strategies. The conference is a highly interactive and looks at the live market. Designed to improve your global option trading potential, regardless of market direction. It’s all about: good profits, managing risk well, repairing trades that go against your market view & market flexibility. Amazing opportunity to pick the brain of a highly experienced options trader, like David Novac.

‘Financial Wisdom’ (FW) Workshop

Entertaining and informative.  This workshop gives an overview to the Australian and International economy, property and stocks, and uncovers profound insights into money beliefs. The program explores good debt and bad debt and how to make your money work harder for you.  It’s all about:

  • taking control of your financial future
  • understanding your money style
  • building and keeping your wealth


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