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  • June 17, 2017
  • Kate Sheehan

Stock Market Course Graduates

Why Choose Wealthwise Education?

When choosing a financial educator for the Australian Share Market, you want to know your tuition is justified.

Here at Wealthwise, we help you re-think your approach to investing and risk management.  We help you build a solid foundation for your financial freedom.  This enables you to grow wise and wealthy through successful investing.

You will receive personal attention from Wealthwise Education Co-Founders, David Novac & Kate Sheehan.

Kept It Simple

We keep things simple.  There is a lot of unnecessary information and rules around the stock market that can tangle your decision making.  People pay a lot of money for this ‘unnecessary information’ and may still not learn how to enter the markets safely.

‘Noise’ can keep you distracted and impede your investing performance over the long term.  Our courses contain current, relevant content and are presented by highly experienced and qualified trainers.

We help you focus and understand the Wealthwise Sweet Spot: where market Timing, company Health and risk Mastery meet.

Small Group Courses

We have small group courses to give you the attention you deserve.  We have a relaxed group lunch so we get to know you better. This also gives you the opportunity to meet other like-minded course participants on a similar journey.   We provide a comprehensive manual to get you started.  We follow up which enables you to embed what you have learnt.  We do this with a process called paper trading.  Paper trading allows you to practice your new skills without money until you are confident to enter the markets.

The stock market can be difficult for both novices and seasoned investors.   No matter your experience, we help bring clarity.   We have the scope to teach the basics right through to the most advanced level (see our curriculum of courses).  Our advanced option classes can be follow-up with mentoring program if you choose.

To help you to evaluate, let our Graduates tell you about us and their experiences.

The Proof is in the Pudding – What Graduates Say:

Financial Wisdom
‘Financial Wisdom’ gives a really great overview of money. Not the information you’ve heard before and ignored but really insightful information that motivates you to become financially free.
Ashleigh S, Business Dev. Manager
The information in ‘Financial Wisdom’ is essential. These are the foundation stones you need for financial freedom.
D. Webster, Franchisor


Invest for Success
I got outside my noisy head into an organised less chaotic, systematic and easy to follow Wealthwise system. Great for busy people like me. ‘Invest for Success’ is fantastic to build knowledge & confidence. It has saved me years of working out a lot of things….light bulb moment!
Shiree G., Medical Sonographer
‘Invest for Success’ has greatly enhanced my knowledge of the stock market. I feel much more confident in making decisions regarding investment in stocks, when to buy stock and when to exit in profitable or risk limiting situations.
P Miller, Retired

Since joining the Wealthwise Graduate Community, we’ve developed a much deeper understanding of the share market and strategies for investing. This has given us the confidence to manage a share portfolio using the various techniques we’ve learned and matching these with our individual skills (I like the research, my husband likes the technicals). Thanks to David & Kate for offering an education program that has helped us learn so much so quickly.
Julie & Neil

Options for Success
Options for Success is a great course for anyone looking to be involved with ETOs and the market.  Technicals and fundamentals of options are explained so anyone at any level could understand.
Zac B, Finance Broker
The OFS Course exceeded my expectations.  I was extremely impressed by the professionalism shown and by the information which I acquired during the two day workshop.  The workshop manual is a wonderful reference tool.  I am of the definite opinion the course was certainly beneficial and worthwhile.
Mick P, Retired Chartered Accountant
I highly recommend every person considering trading options to attend all of the levels at Wealthwise Education. You need to be educated properly before entering the market
initially and to also refresh along your option trading journey.
Lyn R, Real Estate Agent
Advanced Options Trading
After trading shares for 2 years, I decided to trade options. The ‘Advanced’ course helped me to get more profits consistently. I learned more about how it all works and fits together. Thanks to David and Kate for helping me live and do what I enjoy doing with little stress.
Paul. G, Managing Director
My first Wealthwise workshop was 20 years ago. It was a pleasure to recently re-attend AOT. The content and integrity was outstanding. The small group made it really comfortable and personal. I left the course well equipped to advance my options trading.
Rod L, Consultant
Super Traders
Thanks to Kate & David for a great week of learning and pleasure at ‘Super Traders’. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect and I know that such events do not happen without a lot of planning and logistics. All of us are privileged for crossing you both in our life’s path. A big thanks again.
David O, Company Director
An excellent way to increase confidence and experience in taking trades and repairing them to minimise risk/loss in the event your view of the market changes.  All this in a supportive environment with like-minded people.
Bridget M, Small Business Owner
I feel extremely privileged to have had access to David’s years
of market experience during this course.
Excellent! Tim. O, Trader


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