Healthy Wealthy Wise

  • September 19, 2019
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Healthy Wealthy Wise

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise –

Health, wealth & wisdom are the cornerstones for a high quality life.

At Wealthwise Education, we believe the idea in life is to be healthy enough to do what you want, wealthy enough to buy what you want, wise enough to keep both.

More than the sum of 3 things
Rock climbing has always scared me. I’m comforted knowing a 3 stranded rope is much stronger than 3 times a single strand of rope.   There is much more power when the 3 strands intertwine.

And so it is with life.  When your health, wealth and wisdom are all strong, its hard to have a poor quality of life.

Also interesting things start to happen when you focus on an area. It has a beneficial effect on others.  Just as a stone dropped in water creates far reaching ripples, so does our efforts for improvement.

Buckminster Fuller, a US Inventor and visionary, explores this concept with this theory of ‘precession’.  This is a concept for another day  – ‘precession’ is a force that is generated as a side effect of another force.  Put simply, don’t be surprised if you get benefits that come from left-field.

We find this type of knock on effect, time and time again. Attention on any one area, seems to boost the other components of people’s lives.

Let’s take a look for a minute at some simple examples of how these interrelate to create more strength:
• Getting wisdom can lead to becoming healthy and taking better choices
• Getting healthy can sharpen your mind, increase your capacity for learning and boost your productivity
• Becoming wealthy can mean more funds for health, exercise, education and a whole lot more!

Here at Wealthwise we look at habits and tools to help build these three cornerstones to a great life. Our focus at Wealthwise Education is wealth creation in the stock market.  However, we are interested in all things healthy, wealthy and wise.  We know compounding benefits to everyone who gets engaged with any of these areas.

Habits for Health
• Repetitive and daily practice
• Get educated
• Good sleeping habits promote creativity and capacity

Nelson Mandela, for example, made sure he maintained his strength and health by exercising daily in his prison cell.

Habits for Wealth

• Repetitive and daily practice
• Get educated
• Live relatively frugally for your capacity
• Aim for ‘whole life’ wealth rather than just ‘financial’ wealth
• Understanding risk and reward
• Give back

Some of these points have been gleaned from those with great wealth – such as Warren Buffett, John D. Rockefeller, Bill Gates.

Habits for Wisdom
Wisdom is the discerning application of knowledge. The good news is you don’t have to be super smart to be wise.
• Repetitive and daily practice
• Think things through – resist being impulsive
• Sound accurate thinking – avoid delusional thinking
• Surround yourself with incredible people who can make a positive impact on you

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