Financial Gaps – Ignorance & Confusion

  • May 25, 2016
  • Kate Sheehan

???Financial Gaps – Ignorance & Confusion can be Expensive

Financial gaps and how ignorance is not a virtue.

Obama’s speech at the Rutgers University in New Jersey will be long remembered:

In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue’ he declared.

Ignorance might be ‘bliss’ in the short-term but generally is a disaster long-term. This is true in life and it is more than true in the world of finance.

Ignorance is expensive

Ignorance around finances can cost you lots of money – it can be very expensive. It can cause you to have a false sense of security.  It can have you blindly trusting others who appear to know more than you, it can rob you of the potential earning power of your capital and it can eventually takeaway your peace.A more mature, informed sense of awareness around real risks and opportunities is where the true power of your hard earned money lies.At Wealthwise, we say ‘when it comes to money, your greatest asset is your financial knowledge’. At Wealthwise it’s all about replacing ignorance with realising, learning, discovering, and understanding.Increase your power

It’s about not being caught up, charmed or enrolled in all the confusion. When you know more, you can identify those that talk to confuse you and they lose their power.

As a new investor, without knowing how the stock market really works, your chances of success are low. Even if you have been investing for a while, you may be getting by without the clarity you deserve.

Get knowledge & clarity

Let there be no confusion, what we do at Wealthwise is teach. We have been doing this successfully for 20 years. We teach investors about the share market, how to analyse, how to stay safe in the markets and importantly to build confidence. We fill in financial gaps for people.  We aim to make confusion a thing of the past. We teach you to make your own informed decisions better.

Getting clear on 3 common challenges, can give you the upper hand that is need to grow your money:

1. What to buy
2. When to sell
3. How to stay safe in the markets

It can be difficult to acknowledge and declare our weak spots but until we do we can be left in a precarious position.

Knowing how to minimise risk and protect your investment capital is essential, and it’s surprising to know that many investors don’t have education around this.

The Wealthwise workshops are designed to fill in the gaps, in a comfortable and supportive environment.

We can take you step-by-step so you understand the critical things that even seasoned investors may have overlooked. Our courses are efficient and effective in providing you with the key information and strategies without overloading you with unnecessary baggage. We take a lot of care to ensure the structure of our courses provide an optimal learning experience for the participants. The combination of quality content, world-class educators and small classes ensures everyone has the opportunity to interact, ask questions and get clarity. There is no need to learn the hard way – you gain from our distilled wisdom and leave with a clear understanding and ability to control your finances.

Our customers stay with us long term, some have been with us since we started in 1997. We are able to provide just the right information for where they are at and when they are ready, provide essential knowledge for the continuation of their financial journey.

Like them, with our help, your decisiveness and confidence with finances can grow and enable you to realise a higher level of freedom.

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