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Hi there,

We think we know you:

  • You’re ambitious and want financial independence 
  • You have a budget and savings and want to learn how to grow your money  
  • You want to invest in the stock market and aren’t sure where to start. 
  • You feel a bit confused or overwhelmed with all the information on the stock market. 
  • You understand that pyschology has a lot to do with money
  • You’re a person who wants to take more control of your finances.
  • You may have taken a course in past and are still grappling 
  • You want your money to work harder than just sitting in the bank or with your Fund Manager  

How Wealthwise Education can help: 

For far too long, we’ve seen people make costly mistakes through lack of knowledge, rather than by a systematic approach to stock marketing investing and trading.

What we can promise to deliver is:

  • Simple, understandable and useable method for investing in stocks. This does not mean the course content is basic – far from it. We have distilled the most critical information from our 30+ years of experience in the stock market. 
  • We have gleaned and tweaked our lessons through good and bad times and can teach you how to stay safe in the markets. 
  • ‘Fluff-free’, rich, relevant content in an easy, step-by-step format.  
  • We are committed to you getting great value. This course is jammed packed with the kind of practical information you can use immediately. Our class sizes are small to give you the attention you need in a supportive, learning environment.  
  • No previous experience is required. This course is suited to both novices and experienced investors. If you have gaps in your knowledge, this course is ideal.

During this face-to-face course, you will learn all you need to know about stocks, including:

A simple method of investing that gives you an edge in the markets.

How to harness the power of trends using ‘technical analysis’

Know the best times to take profits.

Clear rules for maximising your safety in the markets

How to optimise your timing for when to buy & sell stocks

How to identify good, healthy growing stocks worthy of investment using ‘fundamental analysis’

Course Duration: 4 Week Program

2 day in person classroom and 4 training sessions online to get you up and running! 

Upcoming Courses

Invest for Success – Sydney (CBD)

In our signature training seminar, you’ll learn how to invest wisely in healthy companies for passive income and capital growth!

We have distilled the most critical information from our 30+ years of experience in the stock market. We have gleaned and tweaked our lessons through good and bad times. This course is jammed packed with the kind of practical information you can use immediately.


This Training Is For You If You Want:

Wealthwise Education to give you the knowledge, to get the practice, so you can enjoy the ride and:

  • provide well for your family
  • gain independence 
  • better lifestyle and being there for your family
  • being able to do what you want to do, when you want to do it
  • move forward
  • a good investor education 
  • open your mind
  • get skills and confidence to become self-sufficient
  • become profitable

Seen at:

Tony Robbins

Robert Kiyosaki
(Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Ausbiz TV

About Wealthwise Education

Wealthwise Education shares over 30 years of knowledge and experience on how to invest and trade through a range of practical, effective courses.

Wealthwise educates people all over the world including Australia, NZ, USA, Asia and Europe. Their education helps both novices and experienced investors and traders to achieve their financial goals.

Their sound strategies reflect a balanced approach to the current trends and conditions of the markets.

With a strong focus on risk and money-management, many graduates have gained the confidence and skills to create their own financial independence.


About Your Instructors

David Novac

Wealthwise Co-founder, Speaker, Stock & Options Specialist, Educator

With many hard lessons learned throughout his 30+ years in the stock market (including the 1987 crash), his expertise in global markets and future trends is renowned as being insightful and realistic.

Despite leaving school at 15, by the age of 27, David Novac was the Financial Controller of a $6 billion Merchant Bank. David has an international reputation and is a sought after speaker on the stock market. He’s presented for Robert Kiyosaki (best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), Tony Robbins ‘Wealth Mastery’ and has been a co-host on Sky Business TV Shows ie. ‘Lunch Money’, ‘Market Day’, ‘Your Money, Your Call’ and ‘Bonds Vs Equities’.

David’s infectious passion for the markets means he keeps his finger on the pulse of global markets on a daily basis, ensuring the Wealthwise Education learning materials remain fresh and relevant. He shares this wealth of knowledge in a refreshing, simple and clear manner. David is skilled at taking seemingly complex ideas and explaining them in a way that is readily understood and can be applied with confidence.

David Novac’s formal qualifications include: RG146 Compliant under FSRA and an Accredited Derivatives Advisor, Level 2 (ASX).

Kate Sheehan

Wealthwise Co-founder, Speaker, Stock & Options Specialist, Educator

Kate’s passion for education was the driver behind turning David Novac’s stock market experiences into highly structured workshops, allowing others to benefit from David’s hard-earned lessons.  

Kate has used her skills to develop Wealthwise; designing the educational workshops; educational products and ongoing graduate support facilities. Kate also provides strong support to attendees in the workshops and beyond.

She has over 30 years business experience and a background in training, communications, customer service and management. 

Kate Sheehan is RG146 Compliant under FSRA and Cert IV in Training & Assessment.  

Invest for Success

Become the smart, confident stock market investor you’ve always wanted to be.

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