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  • January 6, 2019
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Patterns for profit

There are patterns everywhere in the world.  There are patterns in colour, sounds and structure.  None of these patterns stand alone.  They are interrelated and effect other things.  They often repeat themselves.

In stock charts there are also patterns.  One of the main assumptions behind the analysis of these charts is that history repeats itself.  The study of stock charts is called ‘technical analysis’.  Patterns reappear consistently and tend to produce the same results.

Patterns are a valuable part of technical analysis.  Many investors and traders use them to identify the best times to buy and sell.  Some patterns signal a continuation of the stock price direction and some highlight a possible reversal.  Patterns can help maximise your chances of success & increase your profits.

There are lots of patterns available offering varying degrees of success.  They include:  Head and Shoulders, Cup & Handle, Abandoned Baby and Dark Cloud CoverDescending Triangles … is this starting to sound a bit like yoga?  Well, there are no Downward Dogs but there are Triangles (haha).

At Wealthwise, we focus on only the key patterns that offer a high probability of success.

You can learn these patterns and other relevant information at our Invest for Successweekend course.  Call us for more information +61.2.9488.9900.


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