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  • November 1, 2019
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who makes a good investorPeople Just Like You Are Doing It:

People just like YOU attend Wealthwise Education’s courses. All sorts of people, from all walks of life.

Why?  They come to learn how to invest for a better future.

Farmers and Tradies (plumbers, sparkies, builders, carpenters) are doing it!

Whatever your occupation, you can learn to be a good investor.

While investing is for everyone, today we are just looking at Farmers and Tradies. The skill sets common to these occupations cross over well and allow them to take full advantage of our stock market courses and become good investors and traders.

See below why they take to our courses like ducks to water.


Timing in the markets is important and farmers understand it well. They recognise the seasons – a time to sow and a time to reap. Farmers and those from the land have a good understanding of commodities. They know what it means to invest, watch, harvest and reap rewards.  They are aware of the need to invest … be it seeds, livestock or getting educated about the share market. Being open to education allows them to maximise the opportunities our courses open up. For some farmers, the down season gives them the opportunity to focus on finances. Farmers can find some time during their busy day for less physical things (like checking their shares). We are in the middle of a terrible drought confirming how tough and fickle farming can be.  Investing in shares is one way to spread the financial load. Farmers love our courses and we love having farmers in our classes.

I live in Alice Springs but I would gladly trek across the country on a camel to attend a Wealthwise Education course – they are brilliant!
Edward H, Farmer

If you want to take control of your financial future, using methods that have been proven over time, then this is a great way to start.
Jenny F, Farmer

For a raw amateur it gave me a great insight into the stock market. I had absolutely no idea of the abilities to remove such risks in the market. With some effort on my part hopefully it will return me more, with less stress, than farming through the drought. Thank you for the opportunity.
Bruce R, Farmer

Do this course if you are interested changing your life.
Peter R, Farmer



Tradies are also regular attendees at our courses. Running your own business can be onerous but Tradies have good time management skills.   They have the flexibility to make time for the markets, especially as their businesses mature.  They are usually systematic in their approach to things.  Their attention to detail and focus on safety sets them up well for following our rules.  Tradies know how to turn jobs around for a profit and love profiting from the ebb and flow of the market.  Their problem solving abilities, analytical skills and practical natures help them easily grasp our course distinctions for identifying ‘good’ and ‘bad’ investments.

Great course to learn about the stock market. Very direct with teaching, very friendly and helpful. Definitely worth doing. Gained valuable knowledge and confidence.
Lee W, Carpenter

Both David and Kate are excellent teachers for this course. They are genuine people.
Tom C, Mechanic

I now have a plan and a set of rules to enter the stock market with confidence.
John D, Builder

This workshop is a great way to increase your skills on the stock market. Wealthwise Education is very knowledgable and specialise on this subject. If you want to invest properly, this is a must do course.
Damian L, Electrician

Very detailed, informative course. Basically covers everything you need to get started as a professional trader.
Denis B, Plumber

Wealthwise Education’s programs are excellent. Every encounter with Wealthwise has been professional. Their workshops are well presented, all content thoroughly explained and I had plenty of time to follow along and learn. They covered many stocks while teaching a great depth of technical analysis, strategies & indicators. I was given the tools I needed to take my skills to a higher level.
Paul C, Mechanic

If you are after a quick buck – forget it! If you need a good foundation, start here.
Chris M, Fitter

Very informative.  Well worth doing!
Matt B, Electrician

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