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  • December 1, 2017
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Study the Stock Market:

We have designed our curriculum with the general population in mind.   It’s suite of workshops, developed over 20+ years, provide a solid foundation and the framework to build your financial independence.

We help you develop strategic skills & gain insights to better handle financial markets. We take a lot of care to provide an optimal learning experience. The combination of quality content & small classes makes all the difference. Everyone has the opportunity to interact, ask questions & get clarity. There is no need to learn the hard way. Instead, use our distilled wisdom, laid out in clear, simple language.

Our curriculum includes 5 courses plus an Advanced Option Mentoring Program. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned stock investor, we have a course to take you to a higher level of skill and understanding.

‘Invest for Success’, our signature course, is where most people start.   No experience or knowledge is required.  Even experienced investors and traders benefit immensely from attending and getting their knowledge gaps filled.  This is a stand alone course for investing in stocks using a powerful combination of technicals and fundamentals.  Course outline here     Register here

‘Options for Success’ is for graduates of ‘Invest for Success’ or people who have had extensive investing experience and now wish to learn how to use options for leverage, income and protection can start with us here.   Course outline here   Register here

Can’t decide between ‘Invest for Success’ and ‘Options for Success’?
Take a quick read of this overview or give us a call +61.2.94889900.  We are happy to have a chat to determine the best starting point for you.

‘Advanced Options Trading’ is available to ‘Options for Success’ Graduates who wish to learn how to spread trade options.

‘Mentoring Program’ and our ‘Super Traders’ 7 day Conference are available only to Graduates of ‘Advanced Options Trading’.


Co-Founders & Educators:
David Novac’s 35+ years’ stock market experience is world-class.  David has an international reputation and is a sought after keynote speaker & TV presenter on stocks and options.  Kate Sheehan’s passion for educating others is still strong after 35+ years’ in training & communications.   See more about Kate and David here.


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