Firstly, a big thank you to Kate & David for their great hospitality.  My son & I really enjoy ourselves at the Wealthwise  'Invest for Success' Workshop. As a retiree, I wanted new ways for creating income. I had been trading the stock market for some years with more downside than upside.  This course definitely exceeded our expectations. Immediately after the course, I started applying the Wealthwise methodology for entries and exits on my watch listed stocks.  By the end of that week, I was very happy with the result:  I had recovered all expenses outlaid for the workshop in the first week! I truly have the right formula for success with this new trading strategy. My only regret is I didn’t do this a lot earlier in my life. I see only blue sky from now on by applying the Wealthwise trading methodology. I highly recommend  this course with David & Kate to anyone interested in trading in the stock market.  There is no big sales pitch or spruiking of stocks.  It's just about learning the method they use in the market.  I now have a lot more to look forward to in my retirement.

Mervyn McD, Retired, on creating income

Stay Home Mum Danielle

I have loved the 'Options for Success' course. As a stay home mum, I was really nervous about my lack of knowledge but everything is laid out so well in the course. This layout made it very simple to understand and the support is amazing.  

Stay Home Mum – Danielle H.

Mark on Advanced Option Trading Course

If you are serious about making money as a trader, you absolutely cannot go wrong taking the 'Advanced Options Trading' course with David Novac from Wealthwise Education.  You will make back the tuition many times over.

Mark N., Professor on making money as a trader

“I’ve enjoyed all Wealthwise workshops with David & Kate. I found the final day of this one, where we summarized the fundamental information received from the individual companies and determined the best of the best, the most beneficial. Not only did I learn more about evaluating and determining good value stocks to invest in, I learned a lot more about reading the charts and markets. Since attending I’ve had some really good trades. In fact, because I got really clear on the value of one particular company, I made a ‘value play’ using an Advanced Wealthwise strategy and in just a few days, made a ROI of 1590%! By attending a course like this, you will eliminate the guess work or buying on rumours like most uneducated people. Education is CHEAP.”

James L, Business Owner on good value stocks

'Super Traders' week long workshop is an excellent way to increase confidence and experience in taking trades and repairing them to minimise risk in the event your view of the market changes. All this in a supported and supportive environment with like minded people.

Bridget McG, Business Owner on Super Traders

'Advanced Options Trading' is an awesome Wealthwise course. Thanks David & Kate for your generosity and patience in teaching me a formidable tool set for trading options.

Tim W, Lawyer on advanced options trading

I knew very little about the stock market before attending the 'Invest for Success' course. I found the course excellent for improving my skills and knowledge. It was straight forward and easy to understand. I now have a new view of the stock market and increased confidence to invest in shares.

Teagan R. on increased confidence to invest

For anyone who has ever wanted to learn about trading options, David Novac is the best teacher you could find.

Haydn Froggatt, iInvest Securities Broker, on learning to trade options

'Invest for Success' - An excellent workshop to gain more knowledge on how to invest in the stock market. I now understand more about technical analysis, investing rules and fundamentals! Highly recommended. I found the workshop very interesting! It certainly put a new light on things. My share investments since the workshop (2 weeks ago) have gone well and pretty much have covered the cost of the weekend!!!

Travis McN, Accountant on technical analysis

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  • We do not feed on hype and your emotions and promote ‘Quick Rich’ strategies
  • Our courses are reasonably priced
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  • Wealthwise courses are based on the lessons learned by David Novac over his 30 years in the markets
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  • Direct contact with co-founders
  • We teach both shares and options
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