Immediately after 'Invest for Success', I started applying the Wealthwise methodology for entries and exits on my watch listed stocks.  By the end of that week, I was very happy with the result:  I had recovered all expenses outlaid for the workshop in the first week!

Mervyn McD – recovered cost of course within first week

'Invest for Success' is offered without fluff or over explanation. The course information is based on David Novac's personal experience and gets straight into the 'guts' of a methodology. It is well designed, well researched and powerfully presented.

Murray V – Filmmaker – well designed, powerfully presented

'Invest for Success' was very applicable for all levels of knowledge. It was a powerful catalyst for developing my skill set and confidence in the stock market.

Jake M – Exercise Physiologist – on developing skills & confidence to invest in stocks

Really good course - they covered heaps of valuable information.  I got a lot out it.  Their rules for entries and exits on charts and their fundamentals ready reckoner for healthy growing companies were the highlights for me.

Adam Mc – Radio Technician – on course highlights

A great course delivered very well.  The high level of knowledge shared was based on over 35 years’ experience. David & Kate always kept us present with exercises and really made sure we all understood.  I recommend this course most highly.

Kathrin B – Small Business Owner – on great knowledge well delivered

A great refresher that has helped me refocus and get back to basics.

Kylie C – Computer Consultant – on re-focusing

Refreshing the course is one of the best decisions if you take your trading seriously. I confirmed many of the fundamentals that I had forgotten. Thanks David & Kate

Silvia D – Corporate Trainer – on the best decision

I would recommend a refresher to all graduates as you pick up some finer points which you miss the first time through. It consolidates your knowledge and corrects any misconceptions you might have.

Michelle W – Computer Consultant – on picking up the finer points

I thought I knew a bit about options from previous courses.  I have just learnt so much more in 'Advanced Options Trading' (AOT) that will improve my trading and reduce risk. It was excellent for improving my skills and knowledge.

Adam McL – Radio Technician – on learning so much more

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Why Wealthwise Education?

  • We do not feed on hype and your emotions and promote ‘Quick Rich’ strategies
  • Our courses are reasonably priced
  • Our class sizes are small
  • We offer graduates on-going support beyond the courses
  • Wealthwise courses are based on the lessons learned by David Novac over his 30 years in the markets
  • Personalised attention and high care factor
  • 20 years teaching stock market education
  • Direct contact with co-founders
  • We teach both shares and options
  • We teach both technical and fundamentals