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  • June 29, 2018
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turbo charge your returnsTurbo Charge Your Returns:

Are you ready to turbo charge your returns?

If you understand investing in shares and want to accelerate your profits, then you are ready to learn about Exchange Traded Options.  Wealthwise Education specialises in financial education on both stocks and options.

6 Reasons to Love Options

When used properly, options are an ideal wealth building vehicle providing:

1. Income
2. Protection
3. Leverage
4. Greater Potential Returns
5. Less Risk
6. Flexibility

Let’s look at these benefits in a bit more detail:

1. Income:
Generate an additional income on top of dividends. Unlike a dividend which is paid once or twice a year, options can create income multiple times a year.   By writing options against a stock you own (known as writing a covered call), options can turbo charge your cash flow.

2. Protection:
Once you learn how to apply some simple yet powerful options strategies in the market, you will be able to relax knowing you have the downside covered i.e. you can hedge your stock at a nominated price and guarantee its value even if the stock goes down in price

3. Leverage:
Options provide enormous leverage.  It is possible to turn a little bit of money into significant profits.  With options you can control a lot more of the underlying asset eg. stock or indices. Multiplying the power of your capital means turbo-charging your potential profits.

4. Greater Potential Returns:
Returns on options can be a higher % than ordinary shares.  Over time, options can be a very lucrative way to grow your portfolio!

5. Less Risk:
One of the ways, options can be less risky is explained in the example below.  Notice the outlay for buying Options was a fraction of the cost to buy Stock.  A lower outlay also allows the potential for greater diversification. Being safe in the markets is a major focus at Wealthwise.  In ‘Options for Success’ we teach other strategies to minimise and manage risk.

6. Flexibility – Profit in Down or Sideways Markets:
Options provide great flexibility.  In addition to making profits in rising markets like shares, with options you can to make money even when stocks and indices are going down or sideways.  Options give you far greater strategic alternatives than just purchasing ordinary shares.

How to get educated on options?

‘Options for Success’ two day course is all about how and when to use Exchange Traded Options.  Using options for protecting your stock portfolio from downside risk; earning additional income from your stocks; getting greater leverage and flexibility to profit in down or sideways markets.

Very pragmatic. Irrespective of base knowledge, the course gave an excellent, real-life perspective on how to begin and succeed at options trading.
Leigh G, Corporate Advisor

Wealthwise Education taught me how to invest in the market while managing the risk, but still exposing my investments to excellent growth. The potential future gains are exhilarating. I could not recommend this course more highly.
Stephen F, Physiotherapist

Practical, applicable knowledge that allows you to succeed in all market conditions.
Hayden S, Corporate Advisor

Learn how to turbo charge your returns.  Upcoming ‘Options for Success’ courses

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