Unemployment near 50 year lows

  • July 4, 2023
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Inflation still too high

Unemployment near 50 year lows –

Australian economy growth has slowed.  Companies report that labour shortages have lessened, yet job vacancies and advertisements are still at very high levels. Unemployment rate remains close to a 50-year low. Wages growth has picked up in response to the tight labour market and high inflation.

Click below to read the latest update from The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) on:
– interest rates & inflation
– local & global economies
employment & wages

How do the Reserve Bank come to their decisions on Interest Rates?
The Board of the RBA consider the outlook for the global economy, bond yields, the Australian economy, the Australian labour market, housing market & inflation.

Philip Lowe, Governor of The Reserve Bank, explains everything here in his latest economic update


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