Wealth Education & Financial Literacy in Australia

  • October 21, 2014
  • Kate Sheehan

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Wealth Education & Improving Financial Literacy in Australia:

We are thrilled that wealth education and financial literacy is getting some long-awaited attention in Australia.

ASIC, the financial regulator, has launched a new strategy for 2014 – 2017. This strategy targets young people, Indigenous Australians, pre-retirees, seniors and women.

User-Friendly Information

Firstly, to make good financial decisions throughout their lives, everyone needs to be taught basic knowledge, skills and behaviours. The earlier this essential skill set is learned, the better.  We want all Australians to have access to well-rounded financial literacy programs.  Wealth education in the stock market is our forte.  To this end, we aim to provide you with useful, user-friendly information on how to save and invest.

Reduce Fears and Ignorance

Secondly, the stock market is an area often ignored in financial literacy programs.  However, gaining basic knowledge can reduce fears and ignorance.  It gives the power to invest wisely with reduced risk.  Too many Australians have little or no knowledge about the stock market.

Stock Market and Property

The stock market, like all investments, is risky without a foundation of good education.  Financial education about the share market protects you and your family.  The stock market is often seen as a way to gain enough funds to purchase property.  Property has its upsides but also its own dangers which are often ignored or downplayed. For property owners, the stock market is a great place to invest and diversify.  Did you know you can buy property in the stock market?  Ask us how.

Framework and Financial Skills

Finally, learning to invest gives you the framework and skills you need to make your money work hard.  You will understand how to use these financial skills when investment opportunities arise.  You will be able to achieve a greater return on your investments and harness the power of compound interest.

Key Areas of Financial Literacy Worth Addressing:

  • general stock market education
  • stock marketing investing
  • knowing a good investment from a bad one

A stepped approach to learning is often the best way to learn and embed information and skills.

At Wealthwise Education, we start with a solid foundation and build as your knowledge increases.  This allows you to reach new heights in your understanding and increased ability to apply your skills confidently and successfully in the markets.

No matter your current level of knowledge, we can take you to a higher level of understanding.

Invest for Success’  is a face-to-face weekend course with Wealthwise Co-founders, followed by 4 x 1 hr online sessions over the following month.  Call David or Kate for more information +61.2.9488.9900.


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